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Anico Veterinary Products, established in 1958, is a family owned and operated company, specializing in high quality nutritional supplements, topical treatments, and natural oils, promoting health, conditioning and longevity in animals. Anico products are made in America, maintaining a tradition of integrity and personal customer service. These professional level products are now available for all types of animals: working, competition, search and rescue, animal companions and pets. Dogs, horses, cats and birds have all benefitted from Anico Veterinary Products.

Our products are professionally researched and developed to enhance the overall health of your animals, using all natural ingredients.

Anico Veterinary Products are used by breeders, trainers, personal pet owners and people who specialize in animal fittness. Below are just a few examples of animals which have benefitted from the use of our products.

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Here are some of my personal triumphs using our products!

Linda Flynn

Sage Before

Sage After

Johnny Before

Johnny After
“My farrier recommended I try Ani-Flex years ago as one of my horses was completely lame when he started shoeing him and my old barrel horse (then 20 years old) was “squeaking” (when he trotted or loped). After using Ani-Flex for only a short period of time, they both are sound again. I have three horses that I give Ani-Flex to now and love your product and wouldn’t use anything else.”

Diane Keyser,
New Smyrna Beach, FL

When my beautiful, Arabian filly started getting white spots on her face and neck, I asked my vet what it was. She said it was sometimes caused by a copper deficiancy. The hair wasn't white but the pigment was gone from the skin. Daily, the spots became larger and more numerous. The first two liquid vitamins just made her hot. The spots continued to grow. When Linda asked how my horse was doing, I told her about the white spots. She suggested Anico Dry Concentrate (Amino Acid/Mineral/Vitamin formula) and brought the container by. Within a week, the spots were beginning to darken. In no time, my filly was a lovely bay again. We are almost ready to order our second container. We won't be without it again.

Thanks so much.

Rae McCarter and Melody
At Anico we support animal rescue shelters, pet adoption agencies and the well being and humane treatment of all animals.
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